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    1. Forge Father Reserve Force (ENG) 20% Off Mantic Warpath

      America Last: Donald’s Deplorable Aggression Against Iran

      Eldar Craftworlds Bonesinger - Warhammer 40,000, Metal Boxed - RARE MODEL
      America Last: The Real Meaning of the Donald’s Deplorable Aggression Against Iran
      At the end of the day, the whole misbegotten notion that oil security in the Persian Gulf requires the presence of the 5th Fleet is a left over canard from the Cold War, which ended 29 years ago. The 1970s theory of Kissinger and his team of hegemonists was that the dying Soviet Union was on the verge of pushing into the Persian Gulf from the north.

      Needless to say, it never had the military capacity or economic resources to accomplish that feat, and the now open Soviet archives show that there wasn’t even a paper plan to do so.

      Iran Oil Production (000 barrels per day)

      So at the root of today’s total unnecessary military ...
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      Credibility Crisis: No One Believes Pompeo On Iran Attack

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      11 warhammer 40k dungeon dragons archer soldier warrior painted plastic figures
      Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's rush to judgement that Iran was behind the apparent attacks on two tanker ships last week has not galvanized world opinion against Iran, as the neocons hoped. Instead, it was met with high skepticism even among Washington's closest allies. Has the neocon practice of massively exaggerating and endlessly issuing threats finally destroyed US credibility on the world stage?
      2002 Ogre 6 Bloodbowl 5th Edition Big Guy Citadel Fantasy Football Team Ogor GW
    3. Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle
      Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Gutbusters Ogre Kingdoms Army
      Jun 12, 2019

      The neighbor who attacked Sen. Rand Paul in a rage over yard waste is apparently planning to move.

      Court documents show Rene Boucher sold his five-bedroom home in Bowling Green, Ky., which is next to Paul's. He paid $382,000 from the sale to Paul as part of a lawsuit verdict.

      Paul sued Boucher after the November 2017 attack in their Bowling Green neighborhood. The attack left Paul with several broken ribs and a hernia.

      Documents show Boucher owes Paul more than $600,000 for pain and suffering, after pleading guilty at trial.


      Warhammer Fantasy Ork & Goblin Army Part Painted
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      Go Rand Go!

      Stop arming radical jihadism
      By Sen. Rand Paul

      Dwarf Grimbrin Finehelm Terror Of The Lichemaster Rare Games Workshop Dwarves
      The Middle East is a hot cauldron continually threatening to boil over.

      It is a mistake to funnel arms into centuries-old conflicts.

      There is no great certainty that the arms we send into the Middle East will not one day be used against our soldiers. In fact, there is a real threat that someday our young soldiers will be sent to fight against the very weapons Congress sends today.
      Thursday’s vote is not directly about selling arms to Saudi Arabia, but indirectly the vote is about the wisdom of proliferating arms in the Middle East.

      Thursday’s vote is specifically about disapproving U.S. arms sales to Qatar and Bahrain.
      The facts are not contested. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain have allowed U.S. arms to be funneled to radical Islamist groups throughout the Middle East.

      Dumping more weapons into the Middle East won’t get us any closer to peace.

      This week the Senate will vote on a pair of resolutions that would put a halt on future weapons sales to Bahrain and Qatar. I hope that every senator will vote to support S.J. Res. 20 and 26 which would stop the arms race. I strongly urge all my colleagues to vote “Yes.?Dumping more weapons into the Middle East won’t get us any closer to peace.

      A “yes?vote is a vote for sanity.

      A “yes?vote is a vote to quit sending arms to human rights abusers.

      A “yes?vote is a vote against aiding and abetting the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

      A “yes?vote is a vote for finally restoring Congress?proper role as a check on executive power.

      Our Founding Fathers were wary of granting presidents too much power.

      James Madison wrote that the executive is the branch of government “most prone?to war. Therefore, the Constitution, “with studied care,?granted the power to declare war to Congress.

      I urge a “yes?vote to help restore a semblance of the Separation of Powers necessary to preserve our great republic.
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      Warhammer Start Collecting Daemons Of Slaanesh - GW-70-73 - Brand New
      28mm ACW Union Cav ProPainted
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    6. Persian Gulf Tanker Attack: Iran Guilty? False Flag? Cui Bono?

      Games Workshop Warhammer Nighthaunt Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed Painted
      Just as the prime minister of Japan was in an historic visit to Iran (the first since the 1979 revolution), a Japanese-owned tanker (and one other) was attacked in the Persian Gulf. US neocons are pointing the finger at Iran. Does it make sense to attack Japan in the midst of productive talks? Will the propaganda machine ramp up war talk?
      Warhammer 40k Space Marines Terminator Librarian BNIB New OOP Metal Figure WH40K
    7. Marienburg Sold Down the River (1999, HP208, WHRP sourcebook)

      Warhammer Blood Knights Vampire Counts Metal OOP
      Six years ago undercover CIA officer and NSA contractor Edward Snowden came out from the shadows to reveal that he was responsible for the greatest leak of secret government information in US history. Americans learned that the government was not spying on terrorists to keep us safe, but was actually much more interested in spying on us. The revelations led to "reform" in the form of the "FREEDOM Act." But have we recovered any of our privacy protections...or are we worse off...?
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      Very Well Painted Warhammer Large Ogre Kingdom Army
    8. Youtube's Political Correctness Power

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    9. Hey Trump: Remember Wikileaks?

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      NATO - Operational Combat In Europe In The 1970s - SPI Games

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      Warhammer Chaos Daemons Of Tzeentch Starter army 40k Age Of Sigmar
      Will Trump remember the organization he praised so much on the campaign trail?
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    10. Kevin Dallimore's PAINTING and MODELLING GUIDE - MASTER CLASS (wargames foundry)

      Metal Dark Eldar Hellion Blister X2 - OOP - Warhammer 40K C557

      The Trust Project: Big Media and Silicon Valley’s Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent
      by Whitney Webb

      25mm renaissance generic - infantry 32 figures - inf (21156)
      Yari Long Staff Pole Arm. Foam and Latex. Perfect for Stage and Costume or LARP
      After the failure of Newsguard ?the news rating system backed by a cadre of prominent neoconservative personalities ?to gain traction among American tech and social media companies, another organization has quietly stepped in to direct the news algorithms of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

      Though different from Newsguard, this group, known as “The Trust Project,?has a similar goal of restoring “trust?in corporate, mainstream media outlets, relative to independent alternatives, by applying “trust indicators?to social-media news algorithms in a decidedly untransparent way. The funding of “The Trust Project??coming largely from
      Streets of Rome Bundle 4 – Upper Rank Forum T035
      25mm napoleonic french - guard 29 figures - inf (31784)

      Pompeo Accidentally Tells Truth About Failed Venezuela Coup

      6mm classical indian - ancient army 300 figs - inf (12208)
      Pompeo Accidentally Tells Truth About Failed Venezuela Coup

      Secretly recorded while speaking off the record to a group of supporters, Secretary of State Pompeo revealed that US policy toward Venezuela has been a disaster and that the US government has lied from the beginning about the level of support for the opposition and the ease of "restoring democracy" to the country. Will Pompeo be made to pay for revealing an inconvenient truth?
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      Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted a condemnation of Syria and Russia's assault on the Idlib province. Yet even the US government special envoy for Syria admitted on video that Idlib is home to the largest concentration of al-Qaeda fighters. Are Trump's advisors feeding him false information? Why continue the disastrous policy of backing al-Qaeda and other extremists in hope of overthrowing Assad? Why doesn't US policy change even after it is shown to be a huge failure?
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    13. Who's The Bigger War Criminal - Duncan Hunter...Or Those Who Sent Him To Iraq?

      Written by Daniel McAdams
      Wednesday June 5, 2019

      Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has found himself in the hot seat after defending a Navy SEAL on trial for wantonly killing civilians and stabbing prisoners while in Iraq. On a podcast, Hunter wondered what the big deal was - after all, he's responsible for hundreds of civilians killed in Fallujah. It sounds like a war crime, but perhaps the real war criminals are the neocon liars and a feckless president who sent the military into Iraq in the first place. If Hunter belongs on the dock, so does half the Bush Administration. Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

      His father, Ducan Hunter Sr. vs Ron Paul
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    14. Sector Imperialis Basilicanum 64-48

      Realm of Chaos Wrath and Rapture WR60
      Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Inquisitorial Stormtroopers Metal Warhammer 40K

      Forgeworld Heresy 30K - Iron Warriors - RARE Mk1 Landraider with updates (841)
      You can't tax your way to prosperity...but you can surely tax your way into poverty. Instead of drastically shrinking government involvement in the U.S. economy, and making America more competitive, the Trump Administration chose to increase government intervention. Tariffs have always been destined to fail. The ramifications are hitting Americans hard, and it looks like it will get even worse!
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