Warlord Games French Cavalry a 28mm Bolt WWII Cavalry France Army Action dbwjgy5129-Table Top/Historical

Warhammer Age Sigmar Empire Freeguild Ludwig blackhelm Emperor's Champion 102
Games Workshop Warhammer Bretonnian Peasant Archers Bowmen Regiment Bretonnia A

6 painted 28-32mm Robin Hood LOTR Rangers Shadows Deep Bidowers LOT1 by MM
28mm Early Imperial Roman Testudo - Painted & Based
25mm marlburian austrian - cuirassiers 12 figures - cav (35504)
Item fantasy warhammer - dwarf warriors 24 metal - (19323)
5 Daemonette Seekers - Juan Diaz - OOP - Metal - BNIB - Warhammer - 40k - AOS Image
Warhammer Marauder Dwarf Giant Slayers - A crow with their hands raised
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dwarf Dwarves Auric Runefather on Magmadredh 714

Campaign Legal Center

We fight for every American to meaningfully participate in the political process
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Empire Freeguild Guard State Troops Swordsmen 62
Vinyl 6x4' Urban Commando Gaming Mat - Ideal for Warhammer

Campaign Legal Center

We fight for every American to meaningfully participate in the political process
Dungeons & Dragons - Dragon Magic
West End Games Ghostbusters 2 International - Humgoldus Horror Role Playing Game
25mm ECW parliament - heavy 20 figures - cav (33217)
Broken Egg Gymkin Tokens And Q Workshop Grymkin Dice
Perfect D&D Adversary The Clawed Volitant Fantasy Miniature - Cerberus studios
Crowd of people
Support the Fight for a Responsive, Accountable Democracy
Airfix Model Kits 1 76 European Ruined Workshop Cafe Church & Four Storey Shop
Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet LOTR Metal Strategy Battle Tolkien Lord of the Rings
Take a Deeper Dive into the Issues Facing our Democracy

Impacting People

Warhammer Empire Demigryph Knights Plastic Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar
Games Workshop LoTR Dwarf Commanders Lord of the Rings New NIB 4 Dwarves Figures
25mm medieval crusader - archers 20 figures - inf (31737) Image
torn voting stickers
25mm napoleonic french - chasseur a cheval 12 cavalry metal - cav (7615)
Medieval Camp Fire Iron Cooking Grill. Ideal for LARP Events
Dion Jackson is interviewed outside his house
Warhammer Skaven Screaming Bell Metal - New and Sealed with Free UK Postage
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CLC experts frequently provide news outlets with legal analysis.  

25mm napoleonic british - line 32 figures - inf (28204)
25mm ACW union - american civil war infantry 15 figures - inf (12426)

Latest Cases and Actions

Skaven Screming Bell w Grey Seer - EXPERTLY PAINTED Oldhammer
1987 DRAG4 Great Fire Dungeons & Dragons Citadel Greatfire Warhammer AD&D Wyrm

Schickel v. Dilger is a challenge to several pillars of Kentucky’s legislative ethics laws that prevent lobbyists from corrupting state legislators with gifts and campaign contributions.

25mm 19th century zulus - warriors 16 figures - inf (22923) Status Active
25mm roman era gauls - archers 24 figures - inf (29195) Advocating for State Voter Registration Forms to Comply with the NVRA

CLC sent letters to state officials across the country informing them that their voter registration forms were not up-to-date and did not accurately explain voter eligibility. 

Status Active
Lost Lands Stoneheart Valley (Leather Limited Ed) Frog God Games Pathfinder
25mm napoleonic french - regiment 24 figures - inf (35584)

Tennessee enacted a law severely curtailing the ability of civic organizations to conduct voter registration activities. CLC serves as counsel in a case challenging the constitutionality of the law.

25mm medieval spanish - el cid archers 10 figures - inf (23382) Updated
Status Active
Citadel Hobby Starter Set 60-26
28mm flintloque fantasy elf ferach militia unit 24 figures {16} (20067)
Voter's hand placing ballot into box
Quality Foam & Latex Broad Axe - LARP Weaponry - Ideal For Roleplay Events
CLC fights for every American to participate in the political process